Senior Software Engineer

Gmail: jeremy.newton  /  (347) 526-3265  /  LinkedIn

Loot Raiders
Lead Engineer

iOS/Android/Facebook. Roleplaying adventure sim.
Responsibilities: Scene architecture, avatar customization, battle sequences, equipment management UI, and mission reward sequences.

NBA: Breakaway
Principal Engineer

iOS/Android. Officially-licensed collectible card game.
Responsibilities: Deck management, pack opening, landing page, first-time user experience, and audio integration.

Dragon Academy
Principal Engineer

iOS/Android/Facebook. Match-3 puzzle game.
Responsibilities: First-time user experience, game scene HUD, progression map, and dragon upgrade dialog.

Cross Wars
Creator/Lead Engineer

iOS. Original 2-player crossword game.
Responsibilities: Game concept, all client side engineering, tool to randomly generate all 200+ crosswords from a word list, and collaboration with our team artist on design.